We’re more than capital: We’re operational experience, empathy and industry insight.


We develop high-potential businesses by combining operational diligence, EQ and hands-on support – investing our time and expertise to build a working relationship. This is the optimal due diligence. This becomes the basis for providing growth capital and allows us to leverage shared experience and clear-sighted objectives as we move forward together. Empactful offers a best of breed model to entrepreneurs – combining principal growth capital, the hands-on support of buyout investors and virtual incubator capabilities. Our model fosters higher empathy for business challenges and risk mitigation, which is valuable to entrepreneurs and investors alike.

While many venture and private equity firms no longer invest in truly early stage businesses, it’s where we find our greatest impact. We support strategy development and business plan execution and help inspire deep, operations-based confidence to mitigate key risks and help teams see around corners and develop leadership competencies.

Every Stage Has Its Strategic Challenges

We cultivate relationships with entrepreneurs to develop proprietary deal flow and offer them a value creation model.  We intimately know the challenges of each funding stage, as well as their solutions.


Novel technology-enabled innovation


  • Strategic customer relationships
  • Core differentiated positioning and validated enterprise value proposition
  • Broad strategic vision and milestone roadmap

Growth Equity

Scaling distribution & growth plan acceleration


  • Team and Board development
  • Seamless transition from founder-led to sales/client-driven culture
  • Capital efficient model to scale business


Drive operational efficiency and business scale


  • Balanced distribution model and product breadth
  • Established market leader position
  • Proven ROIs on R&D, client and sales investments – achieve scale and profitability through proven operational best practices

Empactful can enter and invest at any stage where our operational expertise is most needed, whether it’s overcoming a roadblock, accelerating growth or unlocking new value.

The Empactful Ecosystem

Real relationships improve access, accelerate growth and create competitive advantage.

The firm’s relationship ecosystem in healthcare and insurance (clients, partners, co-investors and industry acquirers) offers insights into our companies strategic planning and provides unparalleled access.  This network was developed over 20+ years in operating roles and investing in the healthcare segment. These deep relationships are leveraged for commercial, distribution, co-investment and exit partner development. They are a key enabler in our companies’ value creation path and long-term milestone execution.